The leaked Injustice animated movie preview is going viral


By Ray Ampoloquio July 29, 2021

With the Injustice animated movie set to premiere sometime this fall, a preview or trailer was expected to drop soon.

While an Injustice animated movie preview did drop, it's not exactly from official sources.

NetherRealm's fighting games are widely considered one of the best superhero video games ever made.

The games are critical and commercial successes, with fans and critics alike loving its plot that essentially revolves around Superman having one particularly bad day.

This "bad day" kicks off a series of events that spans roughly a decade of fighting and counting if you consider the fact that NetherRealm hasn't ruled out a third Injustice game just yet.

Before Injustice 3 arrives, fans can feast their eyes on an animated adaptation of the games.

Unfortunately, the Injustice animated movie doesn't have an official release date yet.

All that we know is that it's coming in fall 2021 and that the cast members have already been decided.

Here's to hoping that it drops in early fall 2021 and coincides with the reveal of Injustice 3 or whatever NetherRealm's next project is going to be.

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