The latest Black Adam set and costume photo is the feature film's best yet


By Ray Ampoloquio July 14, 2021

With Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson set to take on the role of Black Adam, the anti-hero's underrated days are going to be over pretty soon.

The Black Adam movie will feature the titular antihero, who will be portrayed by Johnson.

The film will reportedly revolve around the story of how Black Adam came to power.

With the Black Adam almost finished with its shooting, the Rock has been spending his time on social media, specifically Instagram, to post new photos.

Among the ones that got fans excited the most is a tease of Black Adam's suit. Johnson describes it as "not your typical DC or Marvel padded muscle suit."

Of course, such production quality was to be expected. Johnson is known for his attention to detail.

Although a lot of CGI will be used in the upcoming film, the set photo hints at just how massive the film is going to be with practical effects alone.

With Johnson physically capable of passing as a real-life version of Black Adam, it seems like all is going well for Black Adam.

Hopefully, a more extensive trailer for Black Adams will release in the next few months.

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