By Ray Ampoloquio September 30, 2022

Lance Reddick teases Horizon Forbidden West DLC

Evidence suggests that Lance Reddick is now coming back to reprise his role as Sylens from the Horizon franchise.

Reddick himself confirmed his return as Sylens in what many presume is DLC content for Horizon Forbidden West after he uploaded a video during an ongoing session. 

Reddick has since deleted the video but someone online got a copy and reuploaded it for everyone else to see. 

Considering that Forbidden West ended on a cliffhanger, it makes sense to release a form of post-launch content if only to tide audiences over until the release of an inevitable third game.

Some believe Reddick's recent video is for the long-rumored PC port of Forbidden West, which was supposed to come out last month as per earlier leaks.

Hopefully, when the Forbidden West DLC is out, Sony finds a release date that gives it a lot of time to shine.