By Ray Ampoloquio October 19, 2022

Konami taps Resident Evil developer for Silent Hill F

Konami's first event for Silent Hill (or any kind of game for that matter) was a gift that kept on giving.

Konami revealed Silent HIll F, the latest in the franchise's slate of upcoming games.

The game will feature writing by the popular Japanese visual novel writer, Rukishi07, who built a following for his work the Higurashi and Umineko series.

Unlike older Silent Hill games  that featured modern-day settings, F will be set in the 60s and in Japan. 

With the involvement of Motoi Okamoto, F should be nothing short of an intriguing entry in the franchise's long-awaited revival.

Konami didn't give F a release window, so we'll just have to wait for Konami to announce further developments.