Knockout City Season 2 coming July 27


By Aron Gerencser July 23, 2021

Knockout City's second season, Fight at the Movies is launching on the 27th of July, as announced at EA Play Live.

Knockout City is a team based competitive sci-fi spin on the classic game of dodgeball we all loved to play during lax P.E. classes back in primary school.

Season 2's announcement at EA Play Live was prefaced by some statistics of how the game's doing, with a highlight being players collectively scoring a billion KOs so far.

The main addition Fight at the Movies is bringing to the game is a huge new map that's constantly shifting.

Styled after a drive-thru cinema with cars bordering the map on all sides, this arena will reformat itself mid-match based on what movie genre is being showed.

In the footage we've seen, there was a children's movie, a Kaiju flick and something set in what looks a lot like ancient Egypt.

Fight at the Movies is bringing a new ball, new costumes and other customization options to Knockout City.

There's also a bunch of new movie themed gliders coming in the season as well, waiting for you to unlock them.

Knockout City Season 2 - Fight at the Movies is launching on the 27th of July, 2021. That's next week!

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