By Ray Ampoloquio June 15, 2022

Justin Lin and Sony are working on a One Punch Man film

One Punch Man purposely inverts the standard shonen trope by putting the universe's most powerful individual in its lead role and giving him existential dread because he can't feel anything outside of panic whenever he's late for a sale.

You'd think that this "foolish" premise wouldn't work, but you'd be surprised.

Having said that, rumor has it that One Punch Man will make the jump to the big screen with a live-action adaptation at Sony directed by Justin Lin.

Scott Rosenberg & Jeff Pinker will reportedly write the script while Avi Arad and his son, Avi, will produce alongside Lin.

The report claims that Sony wants to start "production by the year's end," adding that Sony is "bullish on the concept as a franchise starter."