The Judgment series might be ending due to tension between SEGA and lead actor's agency


By Ray Ampoloquio July 12, 2021

Initially, the Yakuza series of games had small, but cult following.

Fast forward to today and it's become one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world.

After expanding to other platforms and receiving critical acclaim, the Yakuza series is now as recognizable as ever.

Because of this, SEGA saw fit to release spin-offs to the Yakuza series, like Judgment.

Now that we're closing in on the release of Lost Judgment though, it seems as if the spin-off won't be staying for long.

Lost Judgment might be the final game in the series of spin-off titles because of tensions between SEGA and one of the lead actor's agencies.

Japanese reports claim that the Judgment series might be ending because of a specific rule in one of the actor's contracts.

The actor concerned here is Takuya Kimura, who plays Yagami.

If the reports are true, the decision of his talent agency, Johnny & Associates' to restrict the use of Kimura's face on the PC is understandable.

On the other hand, SEGA is justified for ending the Judgment series of spin-off titles over this reported dispute. It has invested a lot to start porting more games to PC.

Here's to hoping that SEGA and Johnny & Associates' conflict is resolved soon.

Most fans would love to continue playing as Yagami in future Judgment games.

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