Judge rules in favor of Epic Games in its lawsuit against Apple


By Ray Ampoloquio September 12, 2021

The year-long slogfest between Epic Games and Apple appears to have finally concluded.

After filing a lawsuit in August of 2020, a judge has just taken Epic's side.

As a result, Apple faces an injunction that will give it no choice but to give developers of App Store apps alternative third-party purchasing options.

As with any other legal battle involving two behemoths in any industry, things are never straightforward.

Apple and Epic Games can walk away knowing that they each notched themselves a win.

In particular, Epic can celebrate knowing that it has forced Apple's hands.

Going forward, Apple will have to make changes to its strict implementation regarding purchases made via its App Store.

Even if the ruling will have the most impact on Apple, Judge Gonzales-Rogers was against Epic Games' claims that Apple's near-monopoly.

With that said, the decision will benefit developers the most.

From December 9 onward, developers can sell content outside of Apple's App Store even if their app is listed on the said platform.

In the end, despite the win, it appears that Epic failed to try and prove its case to further its cause.

So, even if Apple was hit with a permanent injunction, Epic will have to wait Apple $3.5 million in damages.

Epic seems intent to contest the charges though.

Instead, Epic has filed an appeal and called on a higher court.

Epic definitely wants to push for more rights for itself and other developers as it wishes to overturn Friday's ruling.

Only time will tell if Epic will succeed with its appeal.

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