Jason Statham to star in Miramax's seven-figure film, The Bee Keeper


By Ray Ampoloquio August 29, 2021

Jason Statham has gone up against pretty much everybody.

Now, it appears that Jason's next role will have him keeping bees, or at least be in a movie about beekeeping.

Statham will rejoin Miramax for a movie that the studio had already invested seven figures into.

However, we know very little about Statham's role in The Bee Keeper.

We don't even know if he was cast in a lead role or not.

The film will reportedly start filming in 2022 with London and Atlanta named as potential locations.

The project currently has no director yet.

Regardless of what the movie is all about, one thing that we're sure of is that it's going to pull in serious numbers at the box office.

Jason Statham is as close to a sure thing as a box office hit can get.

For now, excited fans can look forward to watching Statham in Five Eyes.

The Guy Ritchie film is expected to premiere in January 2022. 

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