By Ray Ampoloquio November 28, 2022

James Gunn planning to make future DC games canon to the DC Universe

Kevin Feige has massive plans for the MCUe, but it appears James Gunn wants to one-up his former boss.

The new co-CEO of DC Studios is letting fans know he wants to build a more interconnected universe that includes live-action and animated TV shows as well as video games. 

Gunn didn't elaborate on his comments about integrating video games into the DCU.

It's possible he's talking about a shared multiverse rather than a single continuity. 

If he's talking about literally including video games as part of DCU canon, it's a far more ambitious take compared to what Disney and Marvel have planned for the future.

Regardless of whatever Gunn is planning for the DCU, we can trust him to know what's best for us audiences.