By Ray Ampoloquio March 17, 2023

James Bond game by IO Interactive will be an "origin story"

After IO Interactive confirmed that it's putting Agent 47 on ice to focus on James Bond, we're starting to find out more about the 007 game.

The Hitman developers claim that their goal with the game is to create a James Bond that's unique to gaming.

Specifically, the studio's game will be an "origin story" as it is going to help them to build a "James Bond character who was not a movie character but who's comfortably just his own game character."

Unfortunately, while this news is interesting, we still have no clue when to expect IO's James Bond game.

The still-untitled James Bond project is one of at least two titles in-development over at the former Square Enix subsidiary.

The cinematic counterpart of James Bond after Daniel Craig exited the franchise will tell an origin story as well.