Jackass 4: Premiere date, cast members, and everything else you should know


By Ray Ampoloquio July 13, 2021

For a good while, most of us thought that 2010s Jackass 3 was the last that we were ever going to see of the Jackass crew.

However, by 2018, talks of a fourth Jackass installment begun popping up.

Now, in 2021, Jackass 4 is not only confirmed, but the upcoming show even got a trailer and a premiere date.

Rumors of Jackass 4 first started circulating in 2018. Johnny Knoxville later confirmed that it was indeed in the works, with filming beginning in December 2020.

After multiple delays, Jackass 4 has finally be confirmed to premiere on October 22, 2021, in theaters. 

Unfortunately, Jackass 4 doesn't have a trailer available yet. However, as per the official title announcement, fans can expect a trailer for Jackass Forever to drop soon.

It is not yet known if Paramount Pictures plans on bringing over Jackass Forever to its streaming platform, Paramount Plus.

Most of the original Jackass Crew will be present in Jackass Forever. 

Bam Margera will not be in Jackass Forever due to his on-set behavior and struggles with maintaining sobriety. 

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