By Tobi Oguntola September 28, 2022

It Takes Two Director announces Hazelight Studios' next game

Josef Fares, Hazelight Studios founder and It Takes Two game director, recently gave fans a “sneak peek” into the next game the studio is currently developing.

The teaser was a picture of Fares alongside two actors in motion capture suits while on break from working on the game. 

Given that Fares has previously directed two highly successful co-op plays, It Takes Two and A Way Out, which fans and critics liked, there is a high chance that the upcoming game will be successful. 

Given that the game is in its early stages, we expect it will be a few years before it is ready for release. 

If nothing else crops up, the game will follow It Takes Two, which Hazelight Studios came out last year as it ended up winning Game of the Year.

Hopefully, the game will come out after Amazon has already released the live-action adaptation of It Takes Two with The Rock attached as one of the producers.