Rockstar might have just sneaked a GTA 6 teaser in the latest GTA 5 trailer


By Ray Ampoloquio September 15, 2021

Fans are getting desperate as Rockstar refuses to announce GTA VI.

It's gotten to the point that players are dissecting the latest GTA V trailer for clues about GTA VI.

Surprisingly enough, it appears that someone found a subtle hint about GTA VI.

Why Rockstar refuses to announce GTA 6, we've got no idea.

In comparison, Bethesda's confirmed that The Elder Scrolls VI isn't going to release for quite some time.

With that said, GTA fans are getting impatient.

One fan even went as far as to go on live television to ask the game show host if he knew when GTA VI was going to release.

There's also that other fan that held up a sign on live television asking for a GTA 6 update.

Thankfully, some GTA fans are positively channeling their frustration.

For example, eagle-eyed observers noticed something in the latest GTA V trailer.

According to the license plate that fans believe is a "clue", Rockstar just confirmed the setting for GTA VI.

This is because of a license plate that reads 61SAL890, which some are interpreting as 6 is a late 90s.

Is it reaching? Probably. But, you can't blame fans for trying.

The most credible set of reports suggest that GTA VI won't be here until 2024.

This is a long time to wait, especially with zero official announcements whatsoever.

We can only hope that Rockstar decides to humor fans before then. 

Otherwise, we're worried what information-starved GTA fans might consider as a clue next.

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