Quentin Tarantino might end his directing career with Kill Bill 3


By Ray Ampoloquio October 21, 2021

Quentin Tarantino, has directed nine films so far in his illustrious career as a director.

He intends to bow out after his tenth film, which is why the Oscar-winning director's next project has been subject to much speculation.

However, it appears that Tarantino already has his eyes on Kill Bill: Vol. 3.

Tarantino was previously adamant that Kill Bill 3 was not coming, but his most recent response is a sharp contrast.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Tarantino is indeed going to work on Kill Bill 3 next.

More importantly, is Tarantino really going to retire after his 10th film?

Hopefully, we'll find out more about what Tarantino is up to next soon enough. 

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