The QuakeCon 2021 schedule might have just leaked a new Quake game


By Ray Ampoloquio August 14, 2021

Just last month, Shpeshal_Nick talked about a new Quake game in one of his Xbox Era podcasts.

The hype quickly died down on account that there hasn't been any new information about a Quake game since.

Now, info straight from the official QuakeCon 2021 schedule might have just revealed that Shpeshal_Nick was onto something.

When you consider the resurgence of Doom in recent years, it makes sense for id Software to try and explore another classic.

A collaboration between MachineGames and id Software suggests that the rumored Quake game is no small undertaking.

On the same note, eagle-eyed observers spotted an unannounced game by id Software being listed.

We can expect id Software to make a big splash at QuakeCon 2021.

The only question now is if it's related to the new Quake game rumors or if it's about an entirely different game.

Audiences will just have to wait for QuakeCon 2021 to start on August 19 to find out if these rumors are true or not. 

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