An iPhone 13 Pro survived being at the bottom of a river for 26 hours


By Ray Ampoloquio October 12, 2021

Apple has made the iPhone 13 so that it's capable of surviving in harsh weather conditions. 

However, one man claims that his iPhone 13 survived being deep underwater for 26 hours. 

According to thomasqbrady, his iPhone 13 was found by a diver after being submerged for 26 hours. 

He claims that the iPhone 13 must have dropped to the bottom of the river, but he later corrected himself.

He says that the diver found the phone in 4-feet deep waters, which is still a lot of water for a long time. 

The owner confirms that his iPhone 13 Pro is working fine now with no visible scratches and signs of water damage. 

It's safe to say that the iPhone 13 Pro just got another vote of confidence from a satisfied bayer. 

Here's hoping that Apple can solve the iPhone 13 stock shortage issues soon enough. 

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