The Flash set photos leak multiple Barry Allens


By Geoff Borgonia July 21, 2021

Right on the heels of leaked photos of the 1989 Batmobile returning, we now have confirmation of multiple Barry Allens in the film.

The newest leaked photos may reveal an interesting scenario regarding the multiverse trek Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) will be making.

The set photos that have been making the rounds on social media reveal scenes where Ezra Miller (Barry Allen) is in conversation with an unidentified actor.

The unidentified actor has the same body type and sports a similar hairdo that Ezra Miller has had in the past.

It is unclear if this version of Barry Allen would be a Flash as well, or simply a powerless civilian.

The actor is even wearing a similar clothing style as Miller’s Barry Allen has so far worn in the previous DCEU films.

During the Silver Age of comics, DC Comics had a tradition of having the Flashes of different worlds teaming up,

In Flash Vol. 2 No. 123, the Earth-1 Flash (Barry Allen) meets Earth-2 Flash (Jay Garrick).

There is another recent rumor about the plot that surfaced that Ezra Miller will also be playing the Reverse-Flash.

The Reverse-Flash is from the far future named Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom.

Having the Reverse-Flash be another version of Barry Allen may be a logical choice to simplify the proceedings, instead of the complicated 25th century origins.

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