By Ray Ampoloquio October 3, 2022

Horizon Zero Dawn might be the next first-party Sony title to get a remake

How long does a studio have to wait for it to be okay to release a remake of a game?

If you ask Sony, 5 years is more than enough in between when the original came out and when it's time to do a remake.

According to rumors, Sony will release a remake of Horizon Zero Dawn that will come with several improvements, among others.

The remake is believed to have been inspired by the success of the controversial PS5 re-release of Naughty Dog's first The Last of Us game.

If nothing else, a remake of the 2017 title for the PlayStation 5 is going to help raise awareness for the franchise's incoming live-action adaptation.

We're curious to find out if the Horizon Zero Dawn remake is true or not and when it will be released.