February 2022 State of Play could feature Hogwarts Legacy


By Ray Ampoloquio January 10, 2022

Sony has held major PlayStation events every February since skipping E3 back in 2018.

Thus, it makes sense that Sony is planning to hold another one for the fourth straight February.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn't confirmed the long-rumored event just yet. 

Even so, more details have begun to emerge about the games that Sony and PlayStation might show off at the unannounced State of Play showcase.

According to Tom Henderson, the February State of Play event could happen on February 3 and open with trailers for Sifu and Horizon Forbidden West.

Furthermore, Henderson hinted that Warner Bros. might show more of Hogwarts Legacy by then.

Everything Henderson just said about a potential State of Play event in February 2022 makes sense and he even gave examples.

A Hogwarts Legacy showcase at the unannounced State of Play also lines up with recent rumors.

The trusted insider mentioned that Sony is planning another State of Play event in late March that would focus on the PSVR2, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and God of War: Ragnarok.

Finally, Henderson ended his video by saying that Sony could release all The Last of Us projects this year, including HBO's live-action adaptation.

Once again, this is all speculation, but it wouldn't hurt to circle the first week of February and the last week of March on your calendars just in case.