By Darryl Lara September 22, 2022

Hero balances coming to Overwatch 2

We are just over a week away from the launch of Overwatch 2 and fans are eager to know more details about the game.

Blizzard has recently revealed more changes to Overwatch 2, which are based on the public feedback from the beta test and most are geared towards balancing heroes. 

According to Blizzard, it will be releasing all the upcoming changes to Overwatch 2 with a pre-launch patch.

Among the heroes that will be nerfed before Overwatch 2 is out are Junker Queen as well as Sojourn. 

On the other hand, heroes like Orisa, Brigitte, Bastion, as well as Mercy, will all be buffed for Overwatch 2.

It won't be long before we will see the effects of the changes to Overwatch 2 as the game is going to launch on October 2.