Here's what reviewers think of Deathloop, and why it skipped Xbox


By Aron Gerencser September 15, 2021

Deathloop, the latest release from Dishonored and Prey developers Arkane, just launched worldwide.

The time loop assassin game strands players on a strange island where the same day keeps repeating itself unless you are able to 8 specific targets while being hunted at the same time.

Here's what reviewers are thinking - and why the game skipped the Xbox entirely.

Deathloop, ever since its initial announcement, has almost always been regarded with cautious hope.

Arkane hasn't really done any wrong before, and the bold style of what we saw of the game intrigued many players.

Well, now that the game an its reviews are out, we know how most critics feel - they love Deathloop.

The game is currently sitting at 88% on Metacritic.

If you think Deathloop is worth your time, you can pick the game up on PlayStation 5 and PC.

Why would a game created by a company owned by Microsoft skip the Xbox while being a PlayStation 5 title?

At a time when Microsoft was not yet in the picture as owners, Bethesda partnered up with Sony and penned a console exclusivity deal.

When Microsoft went and bought up Bethesda and all its studios, it pledged to make good on all previous agreements.

Deathloop will launch on Xbox sometime late 2022. 

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