Here's what critics are saying about 2021's Dune


By Ray Ampoloquio October 6, 2021

The highly anticipated movie adaptation of Dune won't land on United States shores until October 22, 2021.

However, critics and international audiences alike have had a chance to watch the movie for a while now.

With that said, it appears that audiences and critics alike have been loving Dune so far.

The movie currently holds an 89% score over at Rotten Tomatoes.

Dune has also made more than half of its $165 million budget already.

So far, Dune has pulled in more than $100 million in the global box office. 

Critics and audiences having nothing but mostly positive things to say about Dune. 

We wouldn't be surprised if the movie ends up pulling in more than $200 million at the end of its theatrical run. 

Either way, its current success should guarantee that we'll get the promised part 2 of the two-part movie adaptation. 

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