Here is what Joaquin Phoenix had to say about the Joker 2 rumors


By Ray Ampoloquio October 5, 2021

2019's Joker won two Oscars and made over $1 billion in the global box office. 

However, for Joker 2 to happen, Phoenix needs to be on board.

It appears that Phoenix doesn't know if a sequel is ever going to come.

Phoenix was recently asked about the long-rumored Joker sequel.

Phoenix could neither confirm nor deny that the Joker sequel is in development.

Instead, all he had to say that there were some "interesting things" that a sequel could explore further.

With that said, it'd b e interesting to see where the sequel would go if it is ever greenlit. 

Until then, all fans can do is to wait and speculate. 

Fans can also watch the animated version of Joker make an entire universe tremble at the hands of a vengeful Superman. 

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