Gran Turismo 7 review round-up: A return to form


By Ray Ampoloquio March 2, 2022

With Gran Turismo 7 speeding towards the finish line on March 4, critics have had a chance to review the latest Gran Turismo game over the past week.

With the embargo finally lifted on March 2, reviewers are now allowed to share their thoughts.

Judging from the concensus, the sports car sim appears to be fitting on all cylinders.

Naturally, Gran Turismo 7 performs best on the PS5, where it stays true to the series' long-standing tradition of showcasing the console's full potential.

The photorealistic graphics was always a given, but critics were genuinely surprised at the level of detail that Polyphony put into rendering each car.

Even the environments feel real too, stepping up the immersion factor to the point that it becomes easy to forget that this is all just a game.

The all-new DualSense controller continues to be a revelation as well.

Drivers don't just see how awesome the Gran Turismo 7 looks but they will also feel how it's like to drive beastly machines.

While Gran Turismo 7 doesn't quite measure up to the first three Gran Turismo games, it does try its best and for the most part, it sticks the landing.

We'll find out more about how the public sees Gran Turismo 7 once it launches for the PS4 and PS5 on March 4.