Helicopters are coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2022


By Ray Ampoloquio July 21, 2021

You'd think that Asobo Studio (or the previous developers) would have thought about adding helicopters to Microsoft Flight Simulator by now. 

As it turns out, that's exactly what Asobo was thinking.

At the moment, helicopters aren't available in Microsoft Flight Simulator and the game's flight model doesn't even support helicopters.

Of course, this hasn't stopped modders from attempting to add them to the game.

Now that Asobo is almost finished porting MS Flight Simulator to the Xbox Series X, it looks like it will finally have the time to add other features into the game.

All that remains now is to ensure that the launch goes smoothly.

Just in case you're wondering where Asobo confirmed that helicopters are coming, it's not on the roadmap.

You can find Asobo's plans for adding Helicopters to the Microsoft Flight Simulator in the Feedback Snapshot.

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