Tim McGraw and Faith Hill star in the first 1883 trailer


By Ray Ampoloquio December 8, 2021

It appears that December 19 is going to be a special day for Yellowstone fans.

The hit Paramount series' prequel is set to premiere on the said date.

Before that, Paramount also confirmed that a new episode of Yellowstone is going to air.

Spearheaded by Yellowstone's co-creator, Taylor Sheridan, 1883 will take audiences to the bloody and gruesome past of the Duttons.

The trailer does a great job of setting up a story of an impoverished family that eventually comes to own an expansive Montana ranch.

Judging from the words "the road west was paved with blood" alone, you could tell that 1883 is going to tell quite the action-packed story.

McGraw's character, James, is someone willing to do anything to keep his family safe as they travel across dangerous territory.

Yellowstone is one of Paramount's most popular ongoing series.

In 1883, Paramount has a good shot at creating something that's truly special as well.