Halo x Rockstar collaboration confirmed ahead of Halo Infinite's launch


By Ray Ampoloquio September 12, 2021

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to market Halo Infinite.

After working with Monster Energy back in 2020, the software giant has found a new energy drink partner.

Microsoft is working together with Rockstar to help promote Halo Infinite.

It appears that we won't know more about this partnership until October 1.

However, one can try to guess what to expect from the upcoming collaboration. 

This isn't the first time that video games studios have partnered with energy drink companies.

Microsoft, in particular, worked with Rockstar in the past to help promote Gears 5.

Halo Infinite is a big deal for Microsoft and 343 Industries. 

Halo Infinite is easily the biggest exclusive to hit Xbox consoles in years.

Thus, it only makes sense for Microsoft and 343 to market Halo Infinite more.

It's safe to say that we should expect Microsoft's marketing efforts to ramp up in the next few months.

If it's any consolation, fans can look forward to playing the Halo Infinite multiplayer preview.

An earlier leak also suggests that another technical test will happen in October as well.

Halo Infinite is set to launch on December 8, 2021. 

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