Halo Infinite Technical Preview goes live with issues


By Matt Stone July 29, 2021

The launch of the Halo Infinite Technical Preview was initially delayed a few hours, so that a full server redeploy could be carried out.

However, the preview is now officially live on both PC and Xbox consoles.

If you were chosen to participate you should have received an email from HaloWayPoint informing you the preview is live.

The email directs you to the HaloWayPoint website to learn how to start playing, but the site is currently overloaded and down.

On Xbox you should check the Xbox Insider Hub app. You can start playing the preview from there.

However users have also reported that the app will sit on "pending" when assessing your eligibility to play the Halo Infinite preview.

PC players can use Steam codes to join the preview, they just need to access their private messages on the HaloWayPoint website...

Which as we said, is currently overloaded.

With the massive demand for Halo Infinite these kind of server issues can somewhat be expected.

But it's also disappointing that the huge demand for the game was not planned for in advance.

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