HALO is a hit and Paramount+ releases first episode for free

By Geoff Borgonia April 4, 2022

HALO garnered big numbers which has prompted Paramount+ to release the first episode for free online.

Produced by Steven Spielberg, the HALO series had a long development and production history.

To celebrate and mark the success of the HALO series, Paramount Plus has released the first episode for free.

HALO's premier surpassed the earlier viewership numbers set by 1883.

Paramount+ had been struggling with the streaming wars due to the lack of a show with a high profile IP.

Despite HALO's early success, fans are not happy with Master Chief constantly removing his helmet.

Spartan John-117 does canonically take off his helmet, but his face was never shown before.

HALO on Paramount+ airs a new Season 1 episode every Thursday through May 19, 2022.