Halo Infinite will have 23 maps at launch according to dataminer


By Ray Ampoloquio September 11, 2021

There is plenty that we don't know about Halo Infinite.

343 Industries wants to hide as much as it can about the upcoming Halo title until the game is finally launched.

However, the game's first technical preview gave dataminers a chance to dig deep into the game files.

As a result, these determined Halo fans have found out things that 343 likely intended to keep hidden.

Halo Infinite will reportedly have 23 maps available when it releases, including arena and BTB.

Naturally, other Halo fans couldn't help themselves from reaching out to the dataminer

In particular, one person had an interesting question about the map size.

The dataminer replied by saying that fans will "see two BTB maps in the next flight" but to "expect much more in the final game."

The same dataminer also revealed that 343 will hold the next test flight for Halo Infinite in October.

Interestingly enough, 343 has already confirmed that a multiplayer preview is coming in late September.

Does this mean that Halo Infinite is going to get more than one technical preview ahead of its launch this December?

If this is the case, then Halo fans will definitely have a reason to celebrate this holiday season.

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