Halo Infinite players can start earning credits from playing soon


By Aron Gerencser January 24, 2022

343 Industries' Halo Infinite is off to a great start, but it hasn't been without its faults.

For example, 343 doesn't give gamers the option to unlock Credits just from playing alone.

Thankfully, this is all about to change soon.

According to 343, players can start earning Credits as part of the latest changes to Halo Infinite's battle pass system once the Season 2 update hits.

Credits is the only in-game currency players in Halo Infinite that players can use to purchase everything from the game's store.

Players are naturally disappointed that you can only get Credits from real-cash microtransactions.

But, this is all about to change as soon as Season 2 of Halo Infinite starts. 

Unfortunately, 343 hasn't confirmed when Season 2 of Halo Infinite will begin.

For what it's worth, 343 has done an excellent job listening to player feedback ever since the release of Halo Infinite.

Here's to hoping that players will respond positively 343's planned changes for Halo Infinite's battle pass .