Halo Infinite could get at least one more technical test


By Ray Ampoloquio August 4, 2021

343 Industries is definitely taking its sweet time optimizing Halo Infinite.

Just in case you missed it, 343 recently held a technical test for Infinite.

Now, Brian Jarrard hopes that 343 can do at least one more.

343 Industries' Community Director Brian Jarrard has done a masterful job of weathering the storm that was Halo Infinite's first technical test.

After the game's first test flight ended, Jarrard went on Twitter to thank everyone who participated and provide an update on what's coming.

To no one's surprise, 343 wants to do more.

We can speculate that the next technical test will be much larger in terms of scale and scope compared to the first technical test.

Here's to hoping that 343 reveals more info about the next Infinite technical test soon.

They'll need to get a move on, as Halo Infinite is scheduled to release shortly in the holiday period.

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