Kevin Spacey will have to pay House of Cards' production company over $30 million


By Ray Ampoloquio November 22, 2021

After a three-year-long legal battle, the Media Rights Capital, has finally won its case against Kevin Spacey.

As a result, the arbitration ruled that Kevin Spacey and his companies will have to pay MRC over $30 million.

According to the MRC,  the production company did not know about Spacey's sexual misconduct before CNN's report about Spacey's sexual misconduct back in 2017.

The MRC added that the resulting changes following CNN's report led to tens of millions of dollars in losses for the production company. 

At the time, Kevin Spacey was the lead character in Netflix's original series, House of Cards. 

Spacey's House of Cards character was written out of the final season as the show ended on a relative whimper compared to the earlier seasons.

Spacey's first film following the sexual harassment controversy will be the upcoming crime drama, The Man Who Drew God.