GTA 6 will reportedly be revealed in November and features hurricane, gators & dynamic map 

By Hassan Sajid September 28, 2021

While Rockstar has been quiet about its plans for the next GTA title, the leakers are doing whatever they can to find information.

ThatsSoBold, an instagram news page, claims that the sixth installment of the GTA series will be revealed in November through December.

The page also claims that the game is set in Miami which checks out with the previous several leaks.

ThatsSoBold also claims that the game will have new features such as hurricanes and gators.

They also claim that the GTA 6 map is three times bigger than the GTA 5 map.

The new map is reportedly going to be a dynamic and will change over time. Similar to how the Fortnite map has changed over Seasons.

No one knows whether GTA 6will be announced in November or December. We can only hope for a good news.

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