By Ray Ampoloquio October 6, 2022

GTA Online UFO event could culminate in a GTA 6 announcement

It's not enough for Rockstar to confirm that development on GTA 6 is expected to continue as planned despite the recent leak.

Now, fans believe what a leaker is saying that the next GTA Online event will lead to an official GTA 6 reveal.

Back in August, we got a tease that a still-unannounced GTA Online Halloween event will serve as a countdown for a GTA 6 announcement.

This time, the same source is saying that this year's event for the Halloween season will kick off on October 15. 

According to the insider, "Fort Zancudo UFO, unlike the normal UFO model, will appear on Sunday, 23 October 22."

However, the leaker is saying that this is all just speculation on their part, so you might not want to get your hopes too high up.