By Ray Ampoloquio September 23, 2022

Grand Theft Auto 5 just outsold Saints Row in Europe

Saints Row is the closest facsimile that we have to Grand Theft Auto, and there was a time when people considered them as actual competitors. 

These days, the two aren't that close to each other anymore as evidenced by GTA 5 outselling Saints Row in Europe.

According tothe current sales figures, GTA 5 has outsold the Saints Row reboot by a slight margin in European markets. 

We've no numbers for the Saints Row reboot yet but the figures for GTA 5 are staggering for a decade-old game as it sold 7.7 million units.

If it's any consolation, these numbers are exclusive to the European market and Saints Row also very nearly topped sales charts in the United States.

Hopefully, Deep Silver Volition doesn't feel too down that the game they just released is only in second place considering the current economy.