By Darryl Lara November 25, 2022

Gran Turismo 7 celebrates 25th anniversary with a new update

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Gran Turismo 7, Polyphony Digital has released a massive new update for the latest entry to the racing sim series. 

Among the additions include the addition of a long-rumored race track and a fan-favorite car. 

Officially, only three cars will be added to the game with the update. The fourth car is in the game already albeit in a 25th Anniversary Special Edition. 

The new update will bring a highly requested feature too, which is the ability to sell your cars in-game.  

Finally, with the addition of the Road Atlanta to GT7, fans are hoping that the popular Grand Valley Raceway would make a comeback.

The 25th Anniversary update is now available to download if you wan to find out what's the newest in Gran Turismo 7.