Godfall on PS4: Release Date, Trailers, DLC


By Ray Ampoloquio June 21, 2021

Almost a year after it was first released on the PS5 and PC, Gearbox's third-person action RPG, Godfall, is coming to the PS4.

Instead of being exclusive to just PS5 owners (at least on consoles), Counterplay Games & Gearbox are bringing Godfall to the PS4.

The move is a first for this generation of consoles.

Godfall on PS4 will release on August 10, 2021.

Godfall will come with a free PS5 upgrade for PS4 owners who are planning to get the game on the PS4 and upgrade to a PS5 later on.

We know that Counterplay Games meant for Godfall to be next-gen exclusive. 

This means that Godfall shouldn't look as pretty or play as well on the PS4 and/or PS4 Pro.

We will need to wait to deliver a final verdict though.

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