By Matt Stone August 17, 2022

George R. R. Martin says House of Dragon differs from Game of Thrones

George R. R. Martin revealed that the upcoming House of the Dragon "is different from Game of Thrones in some significant ways".

The Game of Thrones finale, which aired on May 19, 2019, left many viewers dissatisfied and disappointed. 

According to some reports, Martin was not involved with many of the creative decisions that occured from Season 5 onwards.

With House of the Dragon, this is set to change. 

The series chronicles a power struggle amongst the Targaryens for who will inherit the Iron Throne. 

The story takes place over almost three decades and culminates in a civil war, Dance of the Dragons, that marks the beginning of the end of Targaryen rule over Westeros.

Martin describes the show as "very human grounded". 

According to him: "House of the Dragon is much more like a Shakespearean tragedy, it’s full of gray characters who you can love or you can hate".