Don't forget to check out this awesome gameplay trailer for Project EVE


By Ray Ampoloquio September 11, 2021

SHIFT UP Corporation first announced Project EVE back in 2019.

Since then, the developer's single-player action RPG title has slipped through the cracks - not anymore.

Thanks to the latest PlayStation Showcase by Sony, things are looking up for Project EVE.

It might even end up joining the likes of Black Myth: Wukong.

Similar to Game Science's equally gorgeous action game, a growing international audience will want to keep an eye on Project EVE.

Project EVE is generating a ton of hype right now because of its latest gameplay trailer.

The ambitious Korean RPG looks absolutely stunning on the PlayStation 5.

Sony definitely took its fair amount of time giving audiences a glimpse of what to expect from the game.

Unfortunately, the latest Project EVE gameplay trailer did not come with a release date.

However, the game looks fairly polished already.

It's arguably only a matter of time before SHIFT UP gives Project EVE a more specific release date.

The fast-paced hack-and-slash action should run best on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

The current-gen consoles should let gamers enjoy Project EVE at upwards of 60fps and higher resolutions.

Action game fans are currently starved for quality titles right now.

There's no word yet on when the next Devil May Cry game might release.

There's no word about when exactly Final Fantasy Origin will release either.

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