Gameplay footage from Battlefield 2042 test leaks


By Aron Gerencser August 13, 2021

The Battlefield 2042 technical test is taking place currently, and while participants are under NDA, leaks were inevitable.

Participants of the technical test could play matches on the Orbital map only.

Seeing as this is a test, most elements of the game are still subject to change before release.

The footage reveals snappy, fast paced and frantic action and fancy visuals.

Time-to-kill is quick, with many players comparing it to Battlefield 5's TTK.

Participants have reported satisfying gunplay, good sound design and impressive animation work.

The Battlefield 2042 technical test sports 8 primary weapons across 6 classes, and 2 secondary weapons.

Players use unarmed melee attacks by default, since melee weapons will be among the cosmetics that EA will sell separately.

Execution animations are back, and play in third person to show off skins.

The only playable map, Orbital, is divided into 8 zones with a total of 10 control points.

Battlefield 2042 is set to have more testing rounds before the release on the 22nd of October, so we expect more leaks and more details to get out before the launch date.

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