'King James' Lebron James' Fortnite skin has been revealed


By Ray Ampoloquio July 11, 2021

Fortnite continues to rack up its collaborative skins with other non-gaming franchises.

This time around, it's bringing in one of the most dominant players to ever play basketball, Lebron James.

The 36-year-old 4-time MVP award winner, who is currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, will be joining Fortnite as part of its Icon Series.

In an earlier article, we covered information revealed by a data miner that showed that Lebron James will be the latest entry to Fortnite's Icon Series of skins.

Now, Epic Games has finally confirmed it.

A few days ahead of Lebron James' arrival in Fortnite, Epic Games has given fans a glimpse at how King James will look in Fortnite.

According to Epic Games, the Lebron James skins and the King James bundle will be available to purchase on July 14.

Surprisingly enough, the reaction to the official reveal of the Lebron James skin in Fortnite has been mostly positive.

With Lebron James now in Fortnite, we wouldn't be surprised if other basketball superstars end up joining him.

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