By Tobi Oguntola November 20, 2022

Former Bloober Team developer is working on a new creepy horror game

Video game developer Artur Laczkowski has disclosed he's building a survival horror title in Unreal Engine 5.

Laczkowski previously worked for Bloober Team, specifically on The Medium. 

He left the team in March 2022 for personal reasons, including his father’s health status and his desire to aid his friends in Ukraine as well as his need to improve his career after hitting a creative wall.

Apart from the teaser and the announcement, Laczkowski is refusing to reveal more about the game. 

Given Laczkowski’s experience and track record with Bloober Team, as well as the teaser trailer, players can expect this new game to meet or even exceed their expectations. 

Finally, Laczkowski teased that the game has some big names on board and with a massive budget.