The first Ozark Season 4 trailer teases an explosive finale


By Ray Ampoloquio January 9, 2022

Missouri's most unlikely but lethal money launderers are fully operational once again.

It appears that things are just as bloody as ever for the Byrdes.

With a new trailer, fans just got a better look at what cleaning up money for the Mexican drug cartel has taken the Byrdes.

For starters, one of the biggest revelations of the clip is Ruth switching sides to Darlene Snell to help her revive her heroin trade.

Meanwhile, Omar Navarro gives the Byrdes what they've always wanted - a way out of the deal with the deal.

We also find out that there's a potential deal with the FBI in the works.

But, just as the trailer warns, "No one gets out clean," so we can expect things to get messy for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn't confirmed when part 2 of Season 4 is going to release.

Only time will tell if the Byrdes have a happy ending ahead of them once Ozark wraps up.

But, we can guarantee that lead actor Jason Bateman is going to bring his A-game once again.