The Saints Row reboot's latest trailer actually has gameplay footage


By Aron Gerencser August 30, 2021

The recently revealed Saints Row reboot has garnered a great deal of attention.

Not all responses to the new take on the legendarily crazy and over-the-top series have been positive.

Nonetheless, the developers are going forward with their new vision for the game.

In a recent video they have shown off our first glimpse at actual gameplay.

Snippets of in-engine footage have been sprinkled throughout the 'Welcome to Santo Ileso' trailer.

Most AAA games take their sweet time with showing off any gameplay after the initial, pre-rendered reveal.

It is a welcome change to see what the actual game looks like this early on.

The gameplay carries the key traits of what we've come to expect from Saints Row, but is notably more reserved.

Many have drawn parallels between the rebooted Saints Row's tone and that of Watch_Dogs 2.

Saints Row will launch on February 25, 2022.

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