First 15-minutes of Top Gun: Maverick wows audiences at CinemaCon 2021


By Ray Ampoloquio August 26, 2021

CinemaCon doesn't officially give awards to studios that show off the most footage from their upcoming movies.

However, if there ever was an award, Paramount Pictures would definitely have it.

Paramount Pictures just dropped the first 15-minutes of the upcoming sequel to the 1986 action-drama film, Top Gun.

The perfect way to describe the first 15 minutes of Top Gun: Maverick is nostalgia and excitement. 

The film has several nods to the 1986 classic film. 

At the same time, it incorporates several exciting things to get newer audiences pumped up for it. 

The only thing missing from Top Gun: Maverick's opening salvo is Tom Cruise to present it himself. 

Hopefully, Paramount makes the 15-minute trailer available for the public as soon as possible.

With that said, audiences don't exactly have to wait for Top Gun: Maverick for too long.

According to Paramount, the Top Gun: Maverick will be exclusive to theaters for 45 days starting on November 19.

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