Steam Reveals First Three Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Release Dates


By Ray Ampoloquio June 30, 2021

The Final Fantasy games gained traction in the west due to the popularity of Final Fantasy 7 through 9 for the original PlayStation. 

Confusing titles and release dates, as well as the general lack of availability, made it difficult for Western audiences to appreciate the first six Final Fantasy games. 

It wasn't until many years later that Square Enix properly ported the 2D Final Fantasy games for the west on more accessible platforms. 

By then, the outdated graphics and controls made the games harder to appreciate than if they were available at the time of their respective releases. 

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster project aims to rectify this problem. 

The Pixel Remaster project will release each of the first six Final Fantasy games with 2D graphics rebuilt from the ground-up while staying true to the original gameplay. 

The first three Pixel Remaster games will be available on Steam, as well as iOS and Android platforms on July 28. 

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