By Ray Ampoloquio October 5, 2022

Fans continue to speculate about a potential WWE return for Bray Wyatt

WWE had the opportunity with a post-Undertaker horror-themed Superstar with the rise of Bray Wyatt for a couple of years. 

Unfortunately, we've not heard much from Wyatt, whose real-life name is Windham Rotundo, since he parted ways with the WWE last year. 

If we believe all of the recent rumors, Wyatt might have a second chance at redeeming one of the most unique, supernatural characters in the WWE for a long time.

There's no confirmation that the WWE is bringing back Wyatt for another go, but the signs are there.

The WWE could've really used a kick like Wyatt with Hell in a Cell a few months back and it's still not too late to bring The Fiend back. 

Who knows? Wyatt could be making his return at the Crown Jewel in Dubai on November 5 to give Logan Paul or Roman Reigns a shocking surprise.