By Ray Ampoloquio September 23, 2022

Fans are already busy mapping out GTA 6's Vice City following the leak

Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive are dealing with the fallout of the footage of the next Grand Theft Auto game leaking online.

While fans can't post any of the videos and images anymore without fear of repercussion, this hasn't stopped attempts to map out the revamped Vice City.

The team of enthusiastic GTA fans is working hard to try and approximate the GTA 6 map with only leaked material to use.

To accomplish this, the fans use Google Earth in its place to make it easier for other fans to understand their interpretation of the GTA 6 map. 

After a few days of pouring over all of the available data, legally acquired or not, fans have created a solid facsimile of GTA 6's Vice City. 

It's best to take this GTA 6 map for what it is - our first semi-real look at what a modern Vice City could look like.